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What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags can grow anywhere on the body. Considering one of the things that cause skin tags is friction on the skin, they do have areas that they are more prone to appear.  Skin tags typically form on the following parts of the body:

  • Neck
  • Underarms
  • Eyelids
  • Groin
  • Under the breasts

Why do skin tags form on the neck?

Our necks are busy areas, they carry our jewelry, rub against the necklines of our clothes, constantly turn our heads and deal with sweat from the smallest of activities. Considering skin tags grow in high friction areas, it’s not surprising that necks are one of the areas where skin tags commonly form. The basic reason behind it is that areas of skin which are subject to friction get hardened, leading to the protrusion of a skin tag.

Skin tags are a result of blood vessels and collagens concentrating on a particular portion of the body. This process leads to swelling up of the skin resulting in the formation of skin tags. Skin tag on the neck are usually harmless and cause no discomfort or pain. However, they can be around 3mm to 5mm in size, creating an unsightly appearance and not always a welcome addition to our bodies. Therefore people usually opt to remove them if it negatively affects their self-esteem and confidence level.

Why do skin tags form on the eyelid?

Skin tags on the eyelids are harmless but they can be aesthetically displeasing and can make you feel self-conscious. Although there is no particular spot where skin tags can develop, they are often seen forming close to the eyes. There is lack of sufficient knowledge about the cause of skin tags but scientists provide several opinions. It could be a combination of various factors such as genetics, health, weight, hormonal levels, lifestyle or age. One of the most common reasons is friction. This is due to the rubbing of the skin against the skin or any other material. Sweat and moisture just make it worse. This explains why skin tags on the eyelids are such a common complaint. The portion around the eyes, especially the eyelids is more prone to friction. The skin is always in motion while a person blinks, looks around, reads, smiles or rubs their eyes, resulting in skin tags in the area. Another probable cause of skin tags is hormonal fluctuations in the body. Hormone levels in the body are known to be responsible for many physical and mental behaviors, also contributing to the appearance of skin tags near the eyes and the eyelids.

Does weight gain cause skin tags?

There are many factors that can cause skin tags. The friction of skin rubbing against skin, jewelry or tight clothes, is a major factor in the cause of skin tags. Another important cause is insulin resistance. When a person gains weight, it causes all sorts of changes in the body, including a change in metabolism, hormones and insulin resistance. All these factors lend to skin tags easily developing.

Weight gain can happen pretty quickly and with all these changes happening in the body weight gain is considered one of the main causes for skin tags.  All these changes, as well as the increased friction of possibly tighter clothes and more skin fold, increase the possibility of skin tags. Losing weight does not mean that the skin tags will disappear, but it does mean that the chance of new ones growing is greatly decreased. And the good news is, skin tags are easy to remove.

Will a skin tag grow back after being removed?

Removing a skin tag will result in more growths or the regrowth of the removed skin tag. Although, that’s not to say that a new skin tag won’t grow after having been removed. Skin tags do not spread or seed upon removal. In some cases though, people who are prone to skin tags and might have new eruptions frequently. Many prefer to get them removed at periodic intervals, and many people try to remove them themselves at home.

A skin tag is not harmful to your health but the removal of them is purely up to the individual. Some may find them bothersome and irritating and others prefer to remove their skin tag for purely cosmetic reasons. If you are worried about the color or shape of your skin tag, it may be worth consulting your doctor. Otherwise leaving them or trying a home remedy is a very common way to deal with skin tags.


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