Why Do My Skin Tags Keep Getting Bigger

Skin tags are tiny flaps of flesh that are harmless and painless. Sometimes, you may notice a skin tag getting bigger. This is due to the excess supply of blood to the tissue. It doesn’t indicate any infection or harmful growth occurring. The larger they get, the more bothersome they may become. Which is why many people choose to have them removed.
Doctors may remove a skin tag either by cutting, freezing or burning it off. Since this is a cosmetic issue, medical insurance rarely covers the cost and the patient has to cover it themselves.

Due to the cost associated with such skin tag removal, various over-the-counter products, and home remedies are becoming increasingly popular. Various natural products such as tea tree oil, banana peel, apple cider vinegar and garlic among others are known to heal a skin tag, thereby preventing the skin tag from getting bigger. Before treating a skin tag, ensure you have correctly identified it, making sure it is, in fact, a skin tag and not some other growth.

Why is my skin tag growing quickly?

Large Skin Tag

Blood vessels and collagen get trapped inside thicker areas of the skin leading to the development of skin tags. The main reason for their quick growth is excess blood into these tissues. This is due to excessive rubbing, twisting, pulling or constant friction. Which is also the reasons that skin tags develop in the first place.

For example, if you have a big skin tag on your back it could probably be because of continuous friction from the clothes you wear. This frequent rubbing of the skin with the clothes causes more blood to flow into the area causing a skin tag to form and grow in size eventually.

Can skin tags fall off on their own?

It is a popular misconception that skin tags fall off on their own. This is not generally the case. There are some instances where they may fall off on their own, such as those that form during a pregnancy.  These skin tags will generally fall off post-pregnancy without requiring any removal techniques. In most non-pregnancy related cases, there usually has to be some action that causes it to fall off, such as the skin tag getting twisted or pulled or the blood circulation getting cut off.

A skin tag turning dark or black is indicative of the fact that the tag has dried up and is likely to fall off soon.

Pulling off or picking a skin tag

Since skin tags can be visually displeasing and affect one’s self-confidence, many people try to remove them by pulling or tugging them off. This is strongly discouraged as it can be painful and lead to infection in the affected area. It can also lead to the skin tag getting bigger or bleeding.

The only time this can could be considered is if the tag is already dead.  Pulling off a “live” skin tag might leave a permanent mark or scar.

Irritation or pain around skin tags

In some cases, you might experience some irritation or slight pain around the skin tag. This can be a sign of the skin tag getting bigger or possibly infected. This generally occurs when the affected area rubs against the skin or any other external material causing the tag to get twisted. However, such discomfort is likely to subside within a few hours. If the pain or irritation persists, it is better to get in touch with your doctor for a medical assessment.

Skin tags around the eye getting bigger

Skin tags around the eyes are easy to identify but sometimes difficult to self-treat due to their awkward positioning. Although there is a lack of adequate scientific evidence to prove the real reason for the development of skin tags around the eyes, researchers associate it with the friction our eyes regularly experience. The skin around our eyes gets much more friction that we consciously realize when we rub our eyes or blink. Other reasons such as weight, health, genetics, hormones, and age also play a significant role.  They often occur close to the eyelash lines, under the eye and even rims of the eyelids.

The good news is that most skin tags around the eye are painless and harmless and can be removed. The removal technique depends on the size of the skin tag and the proximity of the skin tag to the eye. That is why it is better to remove them early before they get the chance to grow any bigger.

If you choose an over-the-counter product, always ensure that it is suitable to be applied to sensitive parts of the body, especially the thin skin around the eye. 

OTC products that help get rid of bigger skin tags

There are several reliable and pain-free techniques to safely remove a skin tag from any area of the body. The larger the skin tag the longer it will take to fall off. But there are some methods that can help to remove them fairly quickly. Two proven over-the-counter products that are known to be most the effective for large skin tags or skin tags getting bigger are:  

  • TagBand Skin Tag Remover Device – The use of TagBand is a form of ligation where the flow of blood is restrained with the help of a narrow band. This generally takes less than a fortnight for the skin tag to fall off. This device includes a cone that is placed over the skin tag, that helps snap the microband into place. The band ties at the base of the skin tag,  cutting off the blood supply. This device is suitable to be used for all skin tags that are small to medium in size.
  • Freezing Products – For larger skin tags, freezing them is a great option because it works to break down the skin cells of the skin tag. Products such as CompoundW provide a whole kit to help isolate the skin tag so you can apply the treatment directly to the skin tag while shielding your skin from the applicator.

For extra large skin tags, consult with your doctor before trying to remove it yourself. You also need to exercise adequate caution when the skin tag grows in sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, anus or genitals. In such cases, you should consult a health-care practitioner before taking up any self-treatment procedures.

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