Large Skin Tags – Do’s and Don’ts

Skin tags are small flaps of flesh which can grow anywhere on the body. In most cases, skin tags are fairly small – about 2 to 10 millimeters – but they can grow to about the size of a grape. These are considered large skin tags and it’s common for people to have these removed for cosmetic reasons or general discomfort. Before removing any large skin tag, we suggest you go over the do’s and don’ts guideline below.  


Identify the large skin tag correctly

Large Skin Tag

Skin tags are common and people who’ve had one before are likely to have another skin tag grow again. If you’ve had a skin tag, then you will be able to easily identify one. If, however, you are unsure whether the condition is a large skin tag or something else, consult with a dermatologist before taking any action.

Try natural remedies

There are several natural remedies that can be used to remove skin tags, although they are more effective with smaller skin tags. This being said, there’s no harm in trying some natural remedies treatments on a large skin tag. Tea tree oil is an all-natural treatment option that you can place directly on a large skin tag. It will take a few weeks to see results but tea tree is a safe, pain-free skin-tag removal option. Other natural remedies you could try are banana peel, apple cider vinegar, and garlic, among others.

Remove skin tags on eyelids early

Because skin tags are believed to be caused by friction, they will often grow on eyelids, and they can continue to grow in size. You do not want to experience a large skin tag on your eyelid, so make sure you treat any skin tag around the eye early.

Try tying dental floss

One of the best home removal methods is tying a piece of dental floss to the base of your large skin tag. This prevents any blood supply to the skin tag, causing it to eventually fall off. Dental floss is the preferred option because the thickness prevents it from cutting into the skin.

Find out about the medical removal options

If you’ve tried home removal techniques for your large skin tag and found them to be unsuccessful, then it’s worth consulting with a dermatologist on the best options. There are five conventional treatments that will be considered :

    • Surgery – Removing the large skin tag with a scalpel.
    • Cauterization – A special tool is heated and the large skin tag burned off.
    • String – A sterile string may be tied around the base of the large skin tag.
    • Laser Removal – A CO2 laser could remove the large skin tag.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Obesity and friction are considered to contribute towards the formation of skin tags. If you’re overweight, your skin will rub against itself and this friction stimulates skin tag growth. To avoid the eventual growth of large skin tags, try to prevent their formation by living a more active, healthy lifestyle.


Pull off a large skin tag

You might be tempted to remove your large skin tag by twisting or pulling it off, but this is not advised. Skin tags contain live tissues and, by pulling it off, you could experience bleeding and pain as well as infection and scarring. A scar could be more permanent than the skin tag itself.

Cut off a large skin tag

Under no circumstances should you try to cut off your skin tag at home. It is highly unlikely that you will have the correct tools or a sterile space and this means the open wound could become infected. This is a much bigger problem than a large skin tag.

Remove a large skin tag near sensitive areas by yourself

Skin tags can grow all over the body, including sensitive areas such as the eyes – as mentioned above – the anus or genitals. Because of the risk of infection or damage to these areas, you should rather go to a doctor to have any large skin tag removed.

Panic about your skin tag

Large skin tags are cosmetically unsightly and often uncomfortable but they are benign growths which are easily treated. There is no need to panic about a large skin tag as there are many removal options available.


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