How to Remove Skin Tags with Dental Floss

When you find a new skin tag, one of the first things you may do is search for effective, easy solutions to remove it. Removing skin tags with dental floss is perhaps the most common home remedy.

Most people don’t want to spend the money to go to the doctor to have a harmless growth removed. Therefore removing skin tags with dental floss has become one of the most popular methods for getting rid of them.  

When tying off a skin tag many people opt for sewing thread but sewing thread can be too thin and can cut into the skin causing irritation and bleeding.  Dental floss is a much better option. It is thicker than thread so it minimizes the chances of cutting into your skin, but you still need to be careful while using it. Removing skin tags with dental floss is an old trick that can be quite effective and quick without being painful or harmful. Although this method might sound a bit odd, it can work wonders. You are actually preventing the supply of blood to the skin tag. This causes it to shrivel up and eventually fall off.

A step-by-step guide for removing skin tags with dental floss

Before starting to remove the skin tag, make sure you’re prepared with everything you will need.

Follow this step by step guide for removing skin tags with dental floss.

Step 1: Take a short piece of dental floss, just long enough to wrap around the skin tag and tie a knot. Ensure the dental floss is clean and sterile.

Step 2: Wrap the dental floss tightly around the base of the stalk of the skin tag.  Make sure that you do not catch any other part of your surrounding skin.

Step 3: Tie a knot in the dental floss as close to your skin as possible, to ensure that both the skin tag and the stalk will fall off. Ensure the dental floss is wrapped tight enough to stop the blood flow. You might need a second pair of hands for this part.

Step 4: Check the area daily for any changes to the skin tag but do not touch the skin tag or the floss. You may notice an initial swelling but that will gradually go down.

After a couple of days, you will notice that the skin tag has shriveled and dried up due to the lack of blood and oxygen flowing to it. If the skin tag is a large one, you might not be able to cut off the circulation all at once.
Once the skin tag has fallen off make sure to clean the area properly.

Tying off a skin tag with dental floss

Is there an easier way to tie off a skin tag?

If you are searching for an easier option than dental floss to tie off a skin tag, TagBands offer the same results, but with an easier procedure.  It is a small device that requires no assistance to tie off the skin tag tightly. The TagBand device has a cone-shaped accessory that helps in placing the sterile band around the tag properly. Make sure that you purchase the right Tagband for the size of your skin tag.

Other ways of removing skin tags 

If you are prone to getting skin tags frequently there are other skin tag removal techniques to try as well. Some of the viable treatment options are:

  • Salicylic acid removal creams – These creams cauterizes the growth of your skin tags. Decide which cream is best for you based on your needs and the product reviews.
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen – This is one of the best over-the-counter treatments available on the market. When you freeze the skin tag, it inhibits blood flow and causes the skin tag to shrivel and fall off.
  • Surgical removal with a scalpel – Though a viable option for skin tags it should not be performed with any other dermatological issues like warts. Medical assistance is required for this procedure.
  • Skin tag removal with cauterization – Cautery removal is done with a local anesthetic to keep the treatment procedure painless. The cautery tool focuses on the skin tag without affecting the surrounding area.

Since they are unlikely to fall off on their own it is better to try removing skin tags with one of the ligation options or an over the counter cream. Just make sure that the method you choose is suitable for your skin tag.

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