How to Remove Skin Tags Fast

When a new skin tag appears in an obvious place, like your face, eyelid or neck, removing the skin tag quickly is usually your first consideration when picking a skin tag removal method. There are a few options that are immediate, but not if you want to do it at home. Let’s take a look at which methods are best to remove skin tags fast.

Immediate removal methods


Cutting off a skin tag is one of the quickest skin tag removal methods. This is not something that you should try at home. Surgical removal requires a visit to the doctor’s office. Cutting or pulling off a skin tag yourself can cause bleeding and scarring. Your doctor will cut off your skin tag quickly using a sterile scalpel, scissors or blade. If any excessive bleeding occurs your doctor will most likely cauterize the site or use a sealing powder.


Using a heat tipped cautery pen is another way to remove skin tags fast. Cauterization burns off the skin tag immediately and seals any possible wound. Cauterization is a procedure that is usually done by a doctor or esthetician.  You can, however, easily purchase a cautery pen and do it yourself if you are comfortable performing this procedure on yourself.

Remove skin tags fast

Whilst these methods below do work quickly, they are not immediate, but most of them can be done at home. We have not included natural treatments as these don’t have any assurance for working, and even if a method does work within a week, you may have to try a few natural remedies to find that one that works best for you. These methods are the best ways to remove skin tags fast that don’t involve a visit to the doctor’s office:

Tying it off  


Cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag with dental floss or a Tagband is known as tying off the skin tag or ligation. By cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag, it can no longer live and the trapped blood cells and the skin tied in, begin to die and the skin tag falls off. This method is really easy to do and can be done really inexpensively with dental floss. You just take the dental floss and wrap and tie it tightly around the base of the skin tag. Make sure it is as close to the skin’s surface as possible.

You can also make it even easier with Tagband. Tagbands and Micro Tagbands have a handy device to easily place a tiny elastic band tightly at the base of the skin tag. This method is considered fairly natural as it uses no chemicals or abrupt removal methods. The skin tag will fall off in 3 – 10 days


Freezing a skin tag, otherwise known as cryotherapy, is a very popular method to remove skin tags. Many doctors choose this as their preferred method of skin tag removal, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag. You can also do this at home with a home freezing kit. They can be easily purchased and done in the convenience of your home. The home freezing kits don’t use liquid nitrogen but rather dimethyl ether and propane. Take care when freezing off skin tags and don’t let the applicator touch your skin other than the skin tag you are freezing off.

Over the Counter Creams  

There is a variety of over the counter skin tag removal creams. They have a range of different active ingredients and a variety of timings for them to fall off. Some of these creams, such as Haloderm Mole and Skin Tag Remover, will even claim to remove a small skin tag in as little as 1 day. It depends on the product you use, the size of your skin tag and how your skin reacts to the product you choose. Removing skin tags with an over the counter skin tag removal product can take 1 – 10 days.


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