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    Does anyone have experience with skin tags or other growths on dogs? Annie has a small growth on her right shoulder and I am wondering if it could be a skin tag or something similar. It’s about the size of a small tick (in fact that’s what I thought it was at first), and sort of just hangs there. She doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it, although it’s pretty crusty looking and begins to bleed if handled too much. I called and asked our vet about it, and although he didn’t seem too concerned I can’t help but worry. She’s due for shots in August and I’m wondering if I should wait until then or go ahead and get her checked out now.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance



    If it’s bleeding, I would go see the vet. Our vet had to put our Harley under anesthetic to remove one because he was scratching it and it was bleeding and was risking infection so he said best to remove it. We decided to have his teeth cleaned while he was under! But if your vet isn’t too concerned, I wouldn’t be either.

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