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    Hi All,

    My Mooch has a skin tag by his mouth (well, he has a few) but it looks like he scratched or bit one and it’s bleeding and bothering him because he keeps licking and scratching it, which isn’t helping it heal.

    Anyone else had that? Vet? Do I just put the cone of shame on him and hope it heals?



    My George also had one by his mouth which started bleeding. My vet told me it’s not dangerous but that it does risk infection and that the licking helps keep it clean, but stops it from properly healing. He suggested to leave it and if it doesn’t heal, to then remove it, but that it’s expensive, because they had to put George under first. So we put the cone on so he didn’t scratch it with his nails and if we saw him licking, told him to stop. It did heal on it’s own and has been OK since (It’s been about 2 months).
    I have heard of people using dental floss to tie them, but 1. I defintely wouldn’t do it while it is bleeding or irritated and being right by his lip, I think that would be more annoying or painful and cause discomfort and scratching.
    I think we will have it removed at some point because being so close to his mouth, I’m sure it will get scratched or pulled again, but for now we’re leaving it. Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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