Find a Dermatologist Who Removes Skin Tags in Los Angeles, CA

Skin tags are benign growths that form as small hanging pouches and are often unsightly. They form due to a buildup of blood vessels and collagen that gets trapped under a layer of skin. Having a skin tag removed is a minor cosmetic procedure that your Los Angeles dermatologist can handle for you.

Choosing a doctor for a cosmetic procedure such as removing skin tags can be difficult.  Thankfully you can feel confident in your Los Angeles Dermatologist as they are internationally known as some of best cosmetic dermatologists to get the job done. We have listed some of the most popular doctors of dermatology from L.A. who can surely take care of your skin tag removal for you.

About Our Los Angeles Dermatologists

Hollywood Dermatologists are known to be some of the best in the world. We are confident you will find a practicing dermatologist who can remove your skin tags, but we have listed only a few.  We chose these L.A. dermatologists because of their strong online presence and not because we recommend them specifically. WIth as simple a matter as removing a skin tag, any of these doctors can surely resolve the issue for you and therefore we chose doctors who appear to be most engaged online and will likely be highly responsive to your inquiry.

Doctors who can remove skin tags in Los Angeles, CA

Shanthi Colaco, MD
Skinstyle Dermatology
2990 South Sepulveda Blvd
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(323) 421 4747
Rachael Cayce M.D
1127 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 909
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 278 0021
Janet Vafaie M.D
Vafaie Dermatology
10921 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 901
Los Angeles, California 90024
(310) 443 4040
Leonard Kim M.D
LK|MD Dermatology
2080 Century Park East
Suite 401
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 289 0009
Raphael Darvish, M.D., M.B.A.
11611 San Vicente Blvd.
Lobby Level
Los Angeles, California 90049
(310) 979 7546

Are you a doctor based in LA who removes skin tags for people?  Contact us and we’ll happily list you on this page.

Did you know you can remove skin tags yourself?

Many people prefer to just remove their skin tags themselves.  It’s an easy, relatively safe procedure that can be done at home using natural or over the counter products. Many of the methods a doctor may use such as cauterization, ligation or cryotherapy have an at home option that can easily be purchased and used to remove your skin tag yourself.

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