Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Symptom That Her Fans Are Identifying With

Chrissy Teigen By David Shankbone [CC BY 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons
Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to share her latest pregnancy surprise. While pregnant with hers and singer John Legend’s first child, the Sports Illustrated model spoke out in her usual fashion, by having a bit of a laugh at herself and the newest changes on her pregnancy bod.

During Chrissy’s first pregnancy, she discovered a hidden little symptom that pregnant women have been quietly keeping to themselves for centuries. It’s not exactly the number one subject for dinner parties. Skin tags! Those annoying little bumps that sprout up as little pouches of hanging skin, usually on your neck or armpit.

Teigen shared her woes on twitter saying:

“Well well well, it’s almost like my new skin tag heard me making fun of the skin tag commercial I saw last week.”

Her fans immediately responded sharing their skin tag blues:

It’s not surprising considering that hormone fluctuations and weight gain are very common causes of skin tags. This little pregnancy symptom is seldom shared between expectant mothers so it tends to catch you a little off guard, as fan @JessJos shared:

Teigen’s not the only celeb to share her pregnancy frustrations with these little growths. Kim Kardashian also found her hormones were causing a flare-up of skin tags while she was pregnant with her and Kayne West’s second child, Saint West.

“I have so many skin tags, I had then burned off before but they never came off,” she says. “They’re because of my pregnancy hormones.” Kim says.

Thanks to these vocal ladies, more new mom’s are aware of some of the lesser known things to expect while they are growing their little bundles of joy. Thankfully skin tags are not serious and our ladies of the screen have can easily resolve this one by just removing those pesky little growths.

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