10 Gross and Hilarious Home Skin Tag Removal Videos

People do some wild stuff online and cutting off your own skin tag on video is up there. Using wire cutters, nail clippers and even old kitchen knives, these “brave” people attempt to perform home surgeries on their skin tags with some gross and often hilarious results.  

Warning: Although skin tags can often be removed at home, in many cases they should not be.  Many of the videos below are certain to make doctors (and the rest of us) cringe.

1. Neck Raisins Anyone?

2. Three Bros and a Skin Tag

3. Huge Skin Tag Home Removal. Did That Hurt? Huh?

           Warning: may contain offensive language

4. Skin Tag Removal: A Game the Whole Family Can Play

5. Skin Tag Removal Party! Why not?

6. Nothing Like a Pair of Blunt Nail Clippers to Get the Job Done

7. Daughter Removes Dad’s Skin Tag With a Hot Knife 

8. Don’t Use Those Scissors *retch*

9. Wire Cutters and Cigarettes; Well That Doesn’t Seem Like a Good Idea

10. Failing to Remove A Skin Tag While Podcasting


And one bonus one. It’s not a removal video, but it’s pretty gross!


Puss filled skin tag


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